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Looking for a court reporter for a deposition? You've come to the right place.

Certified Court Reporters

Network Court Reporting and Video offers an array of court reporting services for every type of case and hold our services to the highest standard. Our nationwide network of certified court reporters are dependable, accurate, friendly and frequently updated on the latest methods and programs in Court Reporting Agency Management to best advise how to best document your depo.

Legal Videographers

Network Court Reporting and Video provides state-of-the-art comprehensive legal videography services for depositions. Your videographers will set up the proper lighting and sound equipment, shoot live with multiple cameras in a digital format and provide a polished videotape of your depo synchronized with the reporter’s transcript.

Conference Rooms

We have a nationwide network of high quality conference rooms available at reasonable prices for your depo.

Video Conferencing

Cut down on travel costs while getting the same face-to-face impact during your depositions with our video conferencing services. One call does it all – we’ll take care of setup, and with a simple phone call you’ll be able to take depositions from anywhere in the world.

RealTime Reporting

During your deposition, we’ll connect your computer to the computer of a trained, experienced RealTime reporter – a specialized program will translate reporter shorthand into English, and a translated testimony appears on your screen in seconds.

Interpreting Services

We provide interpreting services for over 140 different languages.


Internet RealTime

Monitor depositions via the Internet while they are happening with our RealTime services. We provide full technical support – though connecting virtually via a remote Internet connection, its easy to manage multiple depositions. Import transcripts to CaseView or Livenote and quickly annotate text to build your case.

Video on DVD/MPEG

You’ll have your transcripts and exhibits in PDF format on a DVD.

Reporter Base 8 (RB8)

Network Court Reporting and Video uses ReporterBase, a court reporting management software with an integrated series of applications, plug-ins, web services and mobile apps to help best organize and book your depositions. The comprehensive system provides a paperless environment with repositories for all the paperwork associated with litigation support – it includes online and mobile access for clients to case repositories, a PDF transcript creator for digitally signed, secure transcripts and a word processor with a customizable set of form letters and other documents.

Online Case Management

You’ll have full online and mobile access 24/7 to everything regarding your case, including your online calendar, transcripts, scheduling, billing and more. Download transcripts and exhibits from our online repository any time of the day or night once they are complete.

Online Calendar

Check your depo schedule online. You can use your PC, cell phone or Blackberry using our online calendar management tools.

Online Repository

You can access your important case documents 24/7 by using the Network Court Reporting and Video online document repository.

Court Reporter Sign-Up

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